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Statewide nonprofit focused on mobilizing the church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ

Starting point

The CALL had a website build on an outdated platform from when it was in just one county. This site had been long outgrown and cobbled together to last a little longer. It meant confused constituents and lost opportunities to connect with potential foster and adoptive families.


Version 1
The outdated website was replaced with a new one, designed to feature multiple counties and rebuilt on the WordPress platform. The design allowed easy updating as new counties were launched and worked well for several years.

Version 2
in 2017 The CALL went through a rebranding process and a totally new website, reflecting the new branding, was launched. This site is designed mobile-first and fully responsive, with a host of new capabilities both for the statewide organization and the individual counties.

The website is made up of a common part and mini-websites for each county allowing them to showcase work going on locally. The site provides multiple relevant connection points for visitors and potential foster and adoptive families.

There is also a login protected separate website with custom designed training content for staff and volunteers.

Color palette

Color palette for The CALL


The CALL typography samples

Home page

The CALL home page for computer screen

Mobile first

All websites we design are mobile-first and responsive, designed to look great on mobile and tablet devices, as well as on large screens.


Page from The CALL website on a mobile screen


The CALL county page on a tablet