Setting up your email list

Woman's hands on mobile phone - text "Setting up your email list"

Mini-training on setting up email sign-up forms, thank you pages and automated welcome sequences. Also covers delivery of Lead Magnets.

The same workflows apply for any mass email provider. In this training, I’m focusing on how to set this up in MailChimp.

Workflows for email sign-up, thank you page, lead magnet delivery and an automated welcome sequence. Download the pdf to have it handy as you go through the setup process.
Schematic of GDPR branching for email setup
Workflow of branching for different followup on new email signups depending on whether the constituent is inside or outside the European Union. Downloadable pdf.

Bonus video covering GDPR (European General Data Protection Requirements) considerations that affect all website owners, regardless of where located, if any website visitors (including email subscribers) are from Europe.

Also discusses the 3 legal documents every website must have — to build trust, meet legal requirements, and protect the website owner, as well as website visitors.

The website legal documents package referred to in the training is available here.