closeup of Chrome web browser with padlock icon

Removing the (confusing) padlock

The Google Chrome will remove the padlock icon that displays in the browser address bar. Why that’s good and may cut down on confusion.

hands holding a small evergreen plant

Why you (and I) should create evergreen content

What evergreen content is and why it’s an important part of your content mix. After all, creating content is (hard) work and we want to provide value to our visitors and readers for the long haul.

Computer screen with spinning wheel

When a good launch goes bad

The eagerly awaited product announcement brought extra traffic to the website, which made everything ground to a halt.

5 steps to prevent spinning wheels and frustrated website visitors.

montage of the 3 key areas to fix/update on websites in 2023

3 in ’23

Want your website to be effective for your business in 2023?

The 3 key areas on your website to focus on now. With action steps, so you can move forward.

men and women gathered around computer in discussion

PHP 7.4 is dead — long live PHP 8

As of November 28, 2022, PHP 7.4 will no longer be updated or patched. Which is why you need to prepare to update to PHP 8 now. Except that’s not as simple as just flipping a switch. Because updating might break your site.

concerned/focused woman looking at computer

3 things for your website

The new image format you should be using now, a new way to build your WordPress website and vulnerabilities and security issues we must deal with.

bomb with countdown timer, 5 seconds left

WordPress and the built-in bomb

Did you know that WordPress has the means to blow itself up built right into it?

Here’s why that is and how to prevent it from ever happening on your website.

montage of 3 photos

An image & a threat of a lawsuit

What would you do if one day someone accused you of using their images on your website? Without permission! Could you prove that you have the needed rights? Years later?

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