The website process

Person in car holding roadmap with a string of lights showing the way

Website therapy and a roadmap

23 Zoom research calls with small business owners and entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe: Pain points and successes when it comes to their websites and what they really would like.

Whiteboard with scribbles, hands with markers

What theme are you using?

That’s the most common question I hear from people looking to get a website for their blog, business or organization.

But it’s starting at the wrong end…

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Creating that content

Every website needs content. Of many different kinds. Then all those pieces have to be created. Which can be a daunting task.

woman with computer outside at table

Blue-skying your next website

Time for a new website. Both scary and exciting. Tempting to start with tools and themes. But definitely time to first take a hard look at what your next website really needs to do for you.

Women looking at computer together, talking

The website you always wanted (and need)

If you’re in business today, or run any kind of an organization, people need to be able to find you. Online. Because that’s where they’ll look. No website. Not found.

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