montage of the 3 key areas to fix/update on websites in 2023

3 in ’23

Want your website to be effective for your business in 2023? The 3 key areas on your website to focus on now. With action steps, so you can move forward.
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Is your website backed up? Are you sure?

I’d worked for a day to build a custom website, while learning coding. It was starting to look the way I wanted it to. Then the internet hiccuped. When I got logged back in, my pretty website wasn’t there. Gone. Because … no backup!
Hand holding a compass to set direction compared to the sun

Getting the most from the journey

Are you a goal setter? Focused on making or surpassing the goals? What about the process of getting there? The journey? Could it be that the journey is just as important as the goal…
Man standing in front of wall full of notes, sketches, plans

Back to the future

“We’re too late to do a full campaign this year, since Thanksgiving is next week,” the Boss said. “But next year, we’ll definitely start earlier and have a killer setup for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”
Man with arms stretched up and out on top of mountain, with other mountains in background. Finished climb. Goal reached.

Set a goal to finish

Did you know that 90+% of New Year’s resolutions fail? Before the end of January!
Web screen showing that the website can't load

Help, my website is gone!

I got the call at 9:03am. Bob called to tell me that his website was down. Couldn’t get to it. That’s a bad thing on any day.

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